Be supportive

We all need support in times of confusion, if, one day you were dropped into a tribe of Africans who spoke a language using tongue clicks and they expected you to understand and got irritated when you didn’t you wouldn’t be in a positive place mentally would you? That’s exactly how your dog feels every day.

Your dog didn’t come to you and say ‘take me’ – you went and chose them deliberately and you owe them support while they learn what it is you want from them. Dogs want to please us, it’s in their core but they need to understand us before they can.

Unbelievably to some even Bull breed dogs want to please us – once you make that ‘break through’ you will never have a doubt about that sentence again – ever!

Please also understand that when you see trainers telling you to yank your dog or give them a punishment when they do something you don’t like (it’s not wrong because the dog doesn’t know what you want so it can’t be wrong) there is absolute proof that negative training does more harm than good.

Positive training, with education and support for your dog is the only want you’ll ever discover the real dog inside that irritating Bull Breed you have who is driving you mad. Yes Bull breed’s are different to train, to live with and the relationship you will have with a bull breed dog is unique. Get educated, have fun, bond with your dog and support them in the process.

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