Be aware

A bull breed dog is a very special and unique individual, to underestimate how intelligent they are is a mistake many people make. They do play hard and they do have a very special sense of humour but they are fiercely loyal, fun loving and can adapt to do anything you ask them – if you just learn to communicate.

Your dog doesn’t speak English, French, or even Tibetan because they are dogs! However, believe it or not, they really do want to please you just they don’t know what you want.

Bridging the gap between human and dog language is absolutely vital if you want to have a best friend for many years – yes that irritating dog who you sometimes want to hand back is actually your best friend who you keep speaking/shouting at in Swahili.

There is a way to communicate without choke chains, prong collars or sending them to their crate every 20 minutes because you’re frustrated – violence on helps the violator and never ever solves a problems cause.

We’ve made this training super simple with no fluff to bulk it out – it won’t happen in a day or a week because you and your dog need to learn a brand new language so be prepared to succeed but also be prepared to fail and learn from it.

The course is done in short daily videos which build on each other so you get to see real life changes in your dog quickly – you’ll have ‘lightbulb moments’ and moments of frustration but be aware your dog will have the same feelings. This is a journey that you and your best friend in the world will take to both understanding and bonding.

Be aware your dog is your biggest fan, never criticises you, will wait until the end of time for you and loves you above all else regardless what you’ve done. They are the epitome of ‘best friend’ so respect that and give them what they need.

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