Be active

Active isn’t as simple as it first sounds, sure walking your dog every day is expected – they ask for 40 – 60 minutes of your time every day and in return will give you the most pure and undemanding love. During that walk you will exercise yourself, meet people with dogs and make new friends and have your own personal time away from all the normal stresses of life – don’t through those precious moments away ignoring your dog while talking or texting just leave you phone at home for a few minutes and you’ll find there’s a world waiting for you.

Being active should be a way of life, there is a world of fun and games unique to having a dog and bull breed dogs have an incredible sense of humour and fun so embrace it and you’ll be amazed at the transformation in your own life.

In the courses we’ll be teaching you some really fun games and past times for you and your dog – from games at home which exercise their immensely powerful brains to hill running with your dog and many steps in between to fit into your level of activity lifestyle.

Activity, both physical and mental, is the cornerstone to our dogs and our own health – keep your dog healthy and you’ll soon discover how much the activity is transforming your own life.

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